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Team Information

Team Formation

City Baseball's programs are centered around its competitive teams.  For 2020, City Baseball will form teams at different competitive levels ages aged 8 - 18.

Participation on a City Baseball team is by invitation only. Players interested in playing on a City team should attend one of the scheduled try-outs which are held in early August each year and then periodically thereafter as needed to fill specific roster needs.

Tryout registration and information will be posted to the City website and emailed through our mailing list. Please sign up for the mailing list if you may be interested in trying out at some point.  For additional information, please contact us ---, or 206-213-4000.

Club Calendar and Schedule

Off season training for all teams begin the first week of November and continue through the end of middle of March with a three week break around Christmas.  Off-season training with the younger teams focuses on individual skill development.  Trainings are twice a week, one weekday evening and one weekend.  

City teams 13 to 18 work on all aspects of the game and, in addition to twice weekly baseball trainings, they are encouraged to participate in twice weekly strength and conditioning sessions.

All off season training is led by City's most experienced and senior Coaches and Instructors.  

The competitive baseball season kicks off with tournament play, for most age groups, the 3rd weekend in March.  A few teams will play a tournament in January and or February.  The competitive season runs through the last weekend in July.  

The following provides an idea of the typical schedule for teams in each age group.

8s to 12s
With the exception of 11 and 12 Navy that play in the Seattle Elite League, the 8s to 12 teams are tournament teams that do not play in a league but compete in 6 to 7 weekend long tournaments from March through July.  Their schedules are very much intended to dove tail with Little League or other recreational team play.  Because rec baseball typically takes Sundays off, these teams either practice or play scrimmage games versus other club teams most every Sunday during the rec season.  Six tournaments plus scrimmage games would typically add up to a 35 to 40 game schedule.

12s Navy will also compete in the Cooperstown All Star Village event late July or early August.  The other travel weekend tournaments, for 9s to 12, may included Portland, Moses Lake, Wenatchee, Pasco, or Yakima.  Participation in travel tournaments is team by team, otherwise tournament play will occur between Everett and Tacoma.

13U - 16U
All City Baseball teams 13 to 18 compete in league play, in either the Washington State Select Baseball League or the Seattle Elite League.  In addition to league play teams compete in 6 to 7 weekend long tournaments in addition to league play.  Teams typically travel for two of these events, tournament sites over the last two seasons have included Bend, Portland, Yakima, Wenatchee, Pasco, Pullman, and Vancouver B.C.   Navy teams at this age range will travel further, at least once, to a more competitive event in Las Vegas, Steamboat Springs, Nashville, Phoenix, or San Diego, as examples.  Further, teams that win their State tournaments may have the option to travel to the Regional tournaments.

In addition to league play, multiple tournaments throughout the region with additional opportunities to play in regional events throughout the Western US.  City Baseball's 18s program is supported by every personal effort of City's entire staff to make all reasonable effort in placing our players in college programs at all levels.  City's staff, led by Wes Long, are qualified to advise players and families on the wide range of post-City baseball opportunities.